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Saturday morning coffee pot post

This coffee pot post will be a planning post, as I’ve done enough navel-gazing this week online and it is time for some action at Chez O’Neill.

Things I need to do this weekend:
-Weed whack the yard before the neighbs complain to the city.
-Cook some dishes for the week ahead – maybe eggplant/tomato, goat cheese combo? Chicken and tomato sauce and pasta to satisfy Sandy. Black beans and rice.
-Drug store: pick up prescription and decongestant.
-Vet this morning: No delay on this, must do first thing. Revolution for the kitties.
-Freeze field peas and butterbeans.
-Plant lettuce, carrots, other fall/winter veggies.
-Get handmade paper swap ready to mail.

I’m not going to the farmers market because I simply don’t have the money. Payday is Monday, so I’ll do a big trip next Saturday. Fortunately, I have a freezer full of food!

And that’s another purchase that I am considering. I have an old dorm-sized refrigerator in my studio, but what I really need is a small freezer, both for the overflow of summer bounty and storing paper pulp.

I have been spending SO MUCH MONEY lately. My new camera came by Fed Ex yesterday. It looks awesome. Add learning to use my new digital SLR camera to the list. It is a Canon Rebel XS. I bought it for $495 from, with free shipping and a 2 GB card. I decided that it was pointless to buy it from Office Depot, since their price was over $100 more, making the gift card that I got in exchange for my defective camera virtually worthless. I’ll need an SLR when I take photography, maybe next semester.

I will probably use the gift card toward a new laptop sometime in the next few months. This one is wearing down fast. It doesn’t have enough memory to do much, the CD/DVD drive is shot, and the battery is dead. I don’t really mind the slowness, and I can probably fix the drive, but the many messages that I get about “not enough memory” are beginning to bug me. Ah, well, it was the right price. My husband bought it for $60 from a co-worker.

Okay, cup is empty, time to go.

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