On August 28 at 5:30 p.m., if everything goes as planned, I will declare independence from AT&T. At least, until they decide to buy up Sprint. I finally gave in to the Credo ads and I’m replacing the landline with a cell phone. This will cut my phone bill more than half. We spend so little time on the phone that I can’t imagine needing more than 200 minutes a month.

It has no bells and whistles and it will remain in the house with our old landline number.

Tonight I am making fresh tomato sauce again and I started putting in the Cherokee Purple tomatoes that Sandy keeps forgetting to take to work. They are surprisingly meaty fellers and so they should make a great sauce. I’m also boiling some squash and sweet onions for a squash casserole that I’ll probably make tomorrow night. Tonight I’m still eating leftover meatloaf and field peas from the weekend.

Work is going so smoothly for the first week of the semester. It makes such a difference to have a receptionist that is smart, trained, and sane. And fun. We love her dearly.

I think that the Medieval Art class will be interesting, although the dim lights after lunch could be a problem.

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