Trying not to dread tomorrow – first day of classes, lots of phone calls and confused students, and a major problem that will have to be dealt with first thing.

I began working on an altered book about our Alaska trip today. I have a thick 1939 high school self-education book that I cut out a hole in the front cover and about an inch worth of pages just big enough that my little journal that I kept on the trip will fit into the hole, but stick out about a quarter inch. I was pasting pages together thinking how completely tedious it was and taking a lot of glue when I came up with the idea of wrapping tyvek around the hole in the cover and pages to hold it together as a block. It worked beautifully.

Now I realize that I have the perfect paper to wrap the cover in for a background – Sherri, my friend from Juneau, gave me some handmade purple paper. And I still have some of the handmade paper that she gave me last fall. So the paper will be from Alaska, yay! In the back of the hole, I glued a map of Alaska showing the part of it that we toured. The little journal has a piece of map of Vancouver on its front cover, so it is all coming together. It is very exciting when you’ve been stuck and suddenly things just start falling into place.