coffee pot posts

Saturday morning coffee pot post

Hmmmm. I’m not quite awake yet.

This is the exercise where I write whatever my thoughts are until my little coffee pot runs out. I’ve been writing everyday for a while now, but usually just in little snippets. So by the time that I get to my coffee pot post on the weekend, there’s not so much to clean out of the brainpan.

Anyone that lives around here knows that this has been the Summer of the Bug. I know that I’ve complained incessantly about mosquitoes, but I’m actually fortunate in that the bites don’t seem to bother me as much as they do a lot of my friends. What is bugging me worse right now are the fleas. Miss Lucy is full of them – for some reason the Frontline is not working for her. Maybe because she is so fat? This morning I am going to run by the vet and pick up some Revolution. I’m trying desperately to avoid flea-bombing the house, but my options are spiraling down to that.

I hope that the vet will continue to let me buy this for all three cats without making me bring in Lucy. Lucy hasn’t been to the vet since she was spayed as a kitten (six years ago) and she is extremely skittish and afraid. Plus she is so fat I’m not sure that I can squeeze her into the cat carrier! It isn’t just that she is fat, she is a huge cat. I haven’t noticed that she eats that much more than the others so part of this has to be genetic.

We have also had a running battle with ants this summer that has never really been won by either side yet. I’m not sure whether the mice are gone or not. They seem to have left the kitchen area since I plugged in the electronic rodent repeller though. I never noticed that they got into food so they must have been stealing the cat food or getting into the garbage.

I grew up in a house full of mice so it doesn’t creep me out so much but I’d like to get rid of them.

I was invited to a party within walking distance of my house last night but I didn’t go. Partly because I can’t be social two days in a row, partly because I had a migraine that has surfaced on and off since yesterday afternoon.

We have a bumper crop of Cherokee Purple tomatoes. I’m trying to decide what to do with them. Officially they are Sandy’s because he wanted to grow enough tomatoes to give to his friends at work. However, he keeps forgetting to take them to work. I guess that I’ll chop some up and simmer them down for sauce along with my Romas and San Marzanos.

Hopefully on Monday we will be cutting our ties with AT&T. I signed up for Credo, which means we will be replacing our landline with a (shudder) cell phone. Which means that if you call me you will have to be patient with me for a while because I am a cell phone idiot. We won’t be carrying this one out of the house. It will save me more than half of my phone bill. I hope that it works in the house!

I’m giving the other cell phone to Sandy. It is a prepaid plan that I only use for travel.

NDN is off the deep end again. Yesterday she put a pair of shoes on the sidewalk with a for sale sign, and another sign written on newspaper that I don’t even remember what it said because it made so little sense. I feel so sorry for her and I wish that there was a way to help her. She won’t get help because she doesn’t think that she’s mentally ill and since she isn’t a danger to herself or others her family can’t commit her. But she is clearly miserable. “I know I’m a character,” she told me once, “but I’m not mentally ill!”

My worst nightmare used to be that I had gone crazy. I don’t worry about that so much anymore, although I do get concerned about Alzheimer’s having seen so much of it in my family.

Okay, I’m at the bottom of my second cup. Onward to the day!

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