Killian died today. I didn’t know him – I knew his mother and grandmother pretty well at one time. He was much too young, but from what I’ve learned about him he sure lived his life to the max with an incredible spirit. He inspired a lot of people, including me.

I received a couple of books in the mail today that I am excited about – Hannah Hinchman’s A Life in Hand and Volume II of the Keith Smith series of Non-Adhesive Binding books. If you’re interested in nature journaling or any kind of journaling that combines art and writing, Hannah Hinchman is very inspiring. And Keith Smith is the author that serious bookbinders study, from what I’ve heard.

My class on Medieval Art begins on Monday. I have a feeling that it will involve many more flying buttresses that I’ll be interested in, but still it might make me ache to go back to Europe – maybe France this time? Nope, I really am going back to Italy next year. France will have to be later.

I’m going to try to get serious about organizing and cleaning up my studio in a sustainable, meaning maintainable, way this weekend. Make it a place that I want to hang out in again.