Boy, I sure have gotten lazy with the titles of my posts. Maybe I should just not title them.

I’ve been working hard in the Back Forty, mainly weeding and mulching as much as I can before the hot weather and mosquitoes arrive. Sandy has requested to be in charge of the big tomatoes this year, so I gave him the primo spot and I just added compost and organic fertilizer to that area this morning. I want to get as much done this morning as I can since the rain will move in later.

We’re still having little cold spells, and I think that we’ve been particularly patient about planting the tomatoes this year. I see how slowly even the cold-tolerant plants are growing and that has informed me that the soil isn’t ready yet. Plus I’m following Pat and Brian’s advice. I’ll have to buy my pepper plants this year because my seedling trays were invaded by two slugs when I set them outside during a warm spell, and now it’s too late to start them. Bummer. I love saving seeds.

I’m very tempted to go ahead and plant my field peas and beans, but I think that the reason that I’ve avoided pests in the past with them is that I have planted them later than most people do. I think that I’ll plant my butterbeans next weekend and see what happens, since they have a long growing season before I get any pods. I always have a ton of butterbeans that are not filled out at the first frost and it pains me to see what might have been.

Anyway, most of my day is going to be devoted to making paper on the front porch. It will be a challenge to dry it, but I’ll press the stack until Wednesday when the sun should be back out.

I’ve been slogging through The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. Well, I don’t know if the word “slogging” is deserved – let’s say “slogging” through certain philosophical theological parts. But I’m fascinated with the whole historical aspect of the library and the process of copying and illuminating and binding the books. I haven’t seen the movie so I’ll see if I can check it out from our library.

My trip to the Art and Soul retreat in Hampton is in two weeks! I’m looking so much forward to it. I’m not getting much art done at home, although I did a bit of weaving and some studio clean-up yesterday. My woodcut class has pretty much sucked up my artistic energy. I’m going to try to get my color print of the turnip woodcut done on Thursday. Our last class and critique will be right before Art & Soul so my brain will be clear for two days of creativity and new ways to bind books. Then I’ll concentrate on doing smaller woodcuts on my own that I can use in my little books.

I’m taking History of Photography late May to late June for one of my art history requirements. It is writing intensive so I’ll be writing a lot of papers I guess. That is a very slow time for me at work so my eyes won’t be so wiped out from being on the computer when I come home. I think that this will be a fascinating subject.

And in mid-July, ta-da! I booked the Alaskan cruise!

Now, back to the Back Forty for some more weeding and mulching.