I received this CD in the mail today. I ordered it mainly because it was by my friend’s son and a lot of interesting musicians. But let me tell you, if there hadn’t been that connection, I still would LOVE this CD! It’s fun and it swings. And proceeds go to the Killian Mansfield Foundation.

Take a listen to a few of the songs. And buy one on Amazon or on iTunes. It’s for a great cause. I might give a few out for Christmas.

Here’s a link to an article about Killian and the whole project. I love Killian’s attitude about life. I only met him once at his parent’s wedding. He wore a tux and a red cummerbund and grinned at everybody without a tooth in his head (he was a baby). What a charmer!

Some of you may be familiar with Celebrity Goat Dairy near Siler City. Killian is the grandson of Fleming and Brit Pfann.