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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I’ve already been to the market, and I’m finishing up the rest of the pot now.

My haul: 11 ears of what seemed to be the last of the bicolored corn in the market, 2 bars of Gardener’s Soap from Mimi’s Soaps, half a loaf of rosemary/garlic bread from Simple Kneads, smoked goat cheese from Goat Lady Dairy, zephyr squash and white potatoes from Faucette Produce (now certified organic, woo hoo!), hamburger from Rocking F Farm, lowfat milk from Homeland Creamery, and 16 beautiful glazed clay buttons from Jim Rientjes to go on my handmade books.

Along with my tomato, fig, and bean bounty we are covered for some good eatin’.

Still need to do today or tomorrow:
Buy cat food and crib mattress pad (for Miss Jazz’s “accidents” around and near the litterbox).

Freeze figs, butterbeans and corn. I hope that this corn will be as delicious as last week’s. I can’t believe that I actually have enough figs to freeze. Loads of them.

Boil corn shucks with soda ash to prepare for papermaking with Susanne, sometime this weekend.

Paint some handmade paper and recycled book covers.

Read and relax. Try not to get into any more political arguments on Facebook.

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