book arts, Local food

A wonderful weekend is coming to a close. I cooked fresh green corn shucks with soda ash to make paper with Susanne in her well-equiped paper studio next weekend. I hung out over there for a couple of hours and saw their new vegetable and herb garden.

The fabulous ZhaK came by with an awesome book on ballooning that she found on the free shelf at Ed McKays. You would have to see it to understand how cool this book is, with lots of vintage ads and posters.

I tested and tweaked the Etsy store today, and I should be able to announce its opening this week.

I froze butterbeans with okra today, but I’m not happy with the butterbeans. They looked past their peak, for sure. The okra, however, was mostly tender babies, less than two inches long. I bet I’ll end up eating the okra and tossing the beans.

I’ll try again next week because if I can get some more of that corn from Clapp Farms, I’m all over it.

I picked a double handful of barely ripe figs to put inside. I hope that they will ripen after picking. If this works, I may be deliriously fig-happy for a while.

We went to Fishbones tonight and splurged on dinner. Yum! It really is one of Greensboro’s best kept secrets. I was selfishly thinking about how I shouldn’t mention it any more because I don’t want it to get overcrowded.

Peaches and pears will have to be dealt with tomorrow night. I’m taking it easy for the rest of the evening.

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