I spent $40 at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market this morning. This is what I got:

11 HUGE fragrant freestone peaches: a couple for eating, the rest will be sliced and put in the food dehydrator.

About 6 delicious little pears, plus the one she gave me as a taste sample.

2 big sweet onions

About 4 pounds of speckled butterbeans in the shell for freezing. I love shelling butterbeans. My inner child is saying “What?”

A pint of baby okra to go with the butterbeans.

A dozen ears of bicolor corn: some for eating today, some for freezing, shucks for papermaking.

One big free-range chicken breast

Two pounds of grass-fed ground beef

A head of hydroponic green leaf lettuce

Numbness in my right hand fingers from hauling this bounty back to the car!

Dang! I forgot the goat cheese.

I have kale, garlic, potato onions, tomatoes, basil, parsley, rosemary, my own butterbeans, field peas, other shell beans, carrots, and figs, if I can beat the birds to them.

Life is good.