I stayed home again today and finally got a jolt of energy after Susanne called about tomorrow’s Art Oasis. I have several books that are nearly to the finishing line so I think that I’ll be able to finish them up tonight and take photos with a borrowed camera tomorrow.

I know that congestion had something to do with this energy vacuum but I think that there was a bit of sleep deprivation and depression to be contended with as well. I’m finally hungry, so some food ought to pick me up some more. It’s not generally a bad thing for me to lose my appetite, but I got things to do.

Susanne and I talked about the trip to Italy next June and how I might go to the head of the Art Department to see if it is possible for me to get a one-hour credit for independent studio for it.

Lots of butterbeans and field peas. Green Zebras and little tomatoes. One of the Brandywines is turning pink. I got one ripe fig off the tree. Mmmmm.