Went to Cat’s going-away party at the Taste of Thai, where she gave away more of her personal possessions. She brought them in bags and tubs and drew names out of a bowl and decided what to give each person. She gave me a sweater (amazingly, it might just fit, so it probably wasn’t hers!) and I snagged a pair of nice hiking boots that were my size in the leftovers.

I can’t write about the emotion I feel about Cat moving to Tucson. Suffice it to say that I don’t handle loss well. At least I can visit her, two thousand miles away, and keep up with her on Facebook. I’m happy for her adventure and admire her courage.

A co-worker gave me a big bag of tomatoes, so I’m stewing them right now. I’ll make sauce tomorrow night, when I’m not sad and tired. I didn’t have onions, and I remembered the potato onions in the Back Forty. I looked back where they were planted last year (or the year before?) and sure enough, two or three big handfuls of onions were laying at the top of the ground in bunches. So I gathered them up for the sauce. I still have garlic from my crop last year too. And of course I have lots of basil and parsley.

See, they said that if you plant potato onions you’d never be out of onions, and they were right.

Guido is meowing as if someone is torturing him. I’d be concerned, but he’s been doing this all his life. As soon as I say something, anything, to him, he’ll calm down.