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HR 2749 defeated, but not dead

Received this email from Carolina Farm Stewardship Association today. My disappointment? My N.C. rep is not on this list. Miller voted for the last b.s. food “safety” bill too. Whenever I write to him about agricultural issues, he replies that he is not on the agriculture committee. Well, by God, he eats, doesn’t he? If he is from North Carolina, then he ought to be interested in agricultural issues.

This is why I am leaving the Dems. They definitely don’t always get it right, especially when it comes to food. The appointment of Monsatan henchmen to important food posts clinched the party desertion for me. The Democrat Party is too happy to wallow in the corporate slime.

Not that I’ll ever, ever, ever be a Repub. But I do recognize a few of these names as Republicans, which shows that sometimes, rarely, but sometimes, they DO get it right.

Dear CFSA members:

HR 2749, which did NOT have the Kaptur-Farr language CFSA supported that would have provided better protections for small and organic farms, was defeated today. Thanks to Reps. Heath Shuler, Howard Coble, Virginia Foxx, Walter Jones, Patrick McHenry and Sue Myrick of NC, and Reps. Barrett, Brown, Inglis, and Wilson of SC, for voting against the legislation. If one of those folks is your representative, please feel free to thank them. Your calls, emails, and our work educate our legislators made an impact—without those 10 votes, HR 2749 would have passed.

The bill is not dead. It was brought to the floor under a special rule that required a 2/3ds majority to pass the bill where the vote was both on the question of having the vote under 2/3ds majority requirements and on the underlying bill. So now the bill can be brought back up under “regular” rules, which means that there will have to be an opportunity for amendments on the floor. Or it could be brought back under special rules, but obviously they’ll have to make a few changes to get the extra few votes they need. If it were to come back under either scenario, that would be a chance for our community to influence positive amendments. When, and whether, there’s another vote is anyone’s guess right now.

Both NC Senators are on the Health, Education, Labor Committee, which has jurisdiction over food safety, and I know personally that the offices of both Senators are concerned about supporting small and sustainable farms. We should take advantage of the opportunity to exert our influence on them.

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