Peach and banana slices in the food dehydrator. Red Calico, Lowdermilk, Carolina Sieva, and Willow butterbeans and Purple Pink Eye and Dixie Lee field peas in the fridge. Plenty of snaps.

I finished 3 by Flannery O’Connor last night and started Twilight, which is the latest office obsession. I figured that I should join the fun so I’d know what they’re talking about.

Put together some paper signatures for books, worked a little on covers. My plan is to begin binding tomorrow. Bad news: I expected some watercolor paper to come in the mail this week. I was going to use it for some of the books. UPS rescheduled it for delivery next week. I might need to buy some paper before the weekend.

I started a batch of my own paper on Sunday, recycled paper and abaca in which I dumped some dried mint and basil from last year. Somewhere in the middle of dealing with it, I decided that it was ugly and not worth proceeding. It was a lot of pulp, but I saved it in the freezer and I can add color to it or add little bits of it to other pulps later. The irony is that the little that I pulled couched (laid) beautifully and was easy to handle, something that I’ve had a bit of trouble with lately.