You can thank me for the rain because all I had to do was to doubt in print that it would rain, and see, it poured rain. Last night and right now.

I don’t have much to say tonight because I’m fatigued again and about to go to bed early. I slept very little again last night. I wish that I could get this aspect of my life adjusted again, because it is essential for my anxiety/panic disorder to get regular, sustained sleep. That is one thing that I discovered over the years of struggling with it.

I should go to the neighborhood association meeting right now because they are gearing up to fight a very bad developer who is planning to build a 750-bed apartment complex two streets over from my house. Plus, the word is that he’s not planning to provide adequate parking. These streets are jammed during fall and spring semesters, and it will be a disaster to our neighborhood if he doesn’t adjust his plans to something reasonable.