I hope that you’re enjoying the Alaskan weather that we sent ahead of us. No need to thank me. Sometime during our trip our funky programmable thermostat that we don’t have instructions for and don’t quite understand reset itself to 65 degrees, so we returned to a very chilly inside temperature too.

Got back to the house around 10:30 a.m. this morning, then spent most of today sleeping. Poor Sandy did not take the day off after all because he thought we were coming back yesterday. But he works at night so it wasn’t so bad – he got it about four hours of sleep before he went in.

This is just a warm-up post. I have not been on the Internet for eight days! Did I miss it? Not really.

I will be spending a lot of my spare time uploading photos to Flickr in the next few days, and will work on posting the details of my trip in between paying close attention to the kitty royalty in my lap and around my feet.

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