Alaska/British Columbia

At Sea, Saturday, July 18

[Sunset from Friday night – the sun didn’t set until around 10 p.m.]

around 10 a.m.
we are back in the inside passage on our way back to Vancouver tomorrow. Yesterday’s waves and sun and clouds were a nice change but I started getting sea sick after dinner because the ship was rolling back and forth so much.

We both played bingo yesterday and we both ate linguini with lobster tail, shrimp, snapper, and mussels for dinner. I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how good the food is. I had suspected that we would have to go to the restaurants that charge extra to get anything close to what we have been eating in the “free” buffets & restaurants.

Just saw a whale! Drinking coffee and juice in “Pacific Heights” a whale jumped out of the water and showed its head, then rolled.

I should go to this bingo thing that just started but I am so happy sitting here. There is a raffle for a free cruise after bingo & you have to be present to win. We got tickets when we played yesterday. It has been the only cruise directed thing we have done. [I went, I didn’t win!]

Sandy wants to at least play the slot machines before it’s over but we have been happy looking at the scenery and reading our books. [We tried the slots and didn’t see the appeal. A more boring and faster way to lose your money as far as I can tell. Video poker was a little more interesting way to lose a few bucks. I’m not much into gambling, as you might guess.]

3:30 – aggravating development: the camera is not functioning. I’ll have to get a disposable camera for Vancouver. Hopefully I will be able to find the warranty I bought when I get home.

[So there you have it. I’ll post the stunning sunset from later that evening and the Vancouver photos when we get the other photos back!]

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