Alaska/British Columbia

Sawyer Glacier

[Just when you thought that it couldn’t possibly get any prettier, we came to Sawyer Glacier.]

[The way back.]

[The following was written the next morning.]

Thursday, July 16. 7 a.m. the ship is barely moving as it moves in to dock. Had a light breakfast only because of meds. I am overstuffed from eating all week. Sandy is still in bed. We have a tour this afternoon. It is sprinkling. We have gone to bed before sunset EVERY night! [It was overcast and the sun set around 10 p.m. and we are old married people.] Our days have been full of activity and beauty and too much good food.

It was good to be with Sherri yesterday and not feel so touristy. Got the perspective of a 12-year resident. Now we are back to cruise ships lined up along docks. It will be fun today I’m sure but the wilderness and natural experience of yesterday will be very hard to top.

I bet I took 200 photos yesterday alone before I finally became overwhelmed by the enormity of what I was seeing.

I guess that it is fortunate that I am having a lot of intense hot flashes [here] because I was out on the deck in shorts and sandals a lot while everyone else bundled up & shivered in the cold. It is too hot inside the ship for me.

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