Alaska/British Columbia

Juneau, Alaska

juneau, ak wednesday, july 15

6:300 a.m. on the aft deck. A bald eagle just flew about 10 feet directly over my head. Crows strutting around waiting for someone to drop some food.

We will meet Sherri & her boys around 9 am in town and she will take us to Mendenhall Glacier where we hope to see bears

what a great morning
what an incredible afternoon!

Short walk through Juneau then met Sherri McDonald and her sons Trey (10) and Clayton (4) for a trip to Mendenhall Glacier. We also went to her house where we saw her studio and then took a little walk on Sandy Beach where I put my fingers into the Alaskan waters and picked up barnacled pebbles and pink shells for souvenirs. Saw a porcupine near the Visitors Center at Mendenhall. Lots of bald eagles near the fish hatchery.

[Sherri is a paper/book and collage artist. Her Alaskan landscape collages are made from lots of tiny bits of handmade papers. She was a gracious and generous hostess who gave us a twelve-year resident’s point-of-view and sent us home with a print and a card of her work. You can see how lucky we were at

It was also very nice to spend time with Trey and Clayton. They were very good, informative , fun guides to the glacier park, which you’ll see in the next post.]

Juneau, AlaskaJuneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska

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