Alaska/British Columbia, Canada

British Columbian coast

July 13, 1009, Mon. British Columbian Coast.

Yesterday was a bit of a waste because we were so worn out. We took a brief nap after finding some food and then had to get up for a mandatory emergency drill. The cool air woke me up for a little while so I went up top and had a sangria with some delicious tapas. There was a barbeque beside the pool so I woke Sandy up and we ate a few ribs and walked around. I nearly fell asleep on a chaise lounge overlooking spectacular scenery. We gave up on staying awake and went to bed around 8 p.m. Slept about 12 hours!

Breakfast in Seven Seas room – very nice. I had smoked salmon benedict. I can see the potential for much weight gain this week.

Someone spotted a whale this morning but we missed it. We saw a couple of dolphins. Sandy decided to go back to the room to sleep some more and here I am on the aft top deck with a wool sweater on, taking the opportunity for journaling in solitude.


Right now I can only see water and smooth waves. I want to see more! but the motion of the ship is relaxing. The sky is melded to the sea by fog. It is in the fifties and there is a pleasant cool breeze.

[This has become one of my favorite photos – at the time, I almost didn’t shoot it. A lesson learned!]

I was going to sketch but there are only ship scenes! I checked out the book I wanted to read from the ship library so I guess I’ll kick back with a mimosa and read Fearless Fourteen for a while.


Around 6 pm – it’s hard to keep track of time b/c my cell phone’s time isn’t correct – according to it we have traveled back in time to 11/22/99.

We took a long nap this afternoon because I started getting really dizzy and it wasn’t the mimosa! We did see a lot of beautiful dolphins that were right up next to the ship. We ate (or I ate) some gumbo for lunch on the aft deck. It was very chilly.


We have a nice spot here in the tapas bar next to a window on the 12th deck. Both of us had Malibu and pineapple juice and I’m having a “mangopolitan” now.

We have met two couples from Texas so far. Lots of Asians on the ship. So far we have shied away from the casino and the sales pitches.

I’m trying to strike a balance between not being stingy and not being foolish w/money. I can obsess over it but there is no reason that I shouldn’t have a great time!

I’m having flashes of middle earth. Very cloudy.

around 8:30 pm, listening to karaoke in the Observation Lounge – narrow passage & beautiful. Strangers in the Night by an elderly gentlemen, better than I thought I’d be able to tolerate!

[okay, I was a little looped by this point if I was enjoying the karaoke]

Dinner in Four Seasons – beef Wellington, roast duck, creme brulee

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