The weather in Alaska seems to be getting cooler, but as JW pointed out, the hot air seems to be lingering around Juneau.

I’ve packed my bag, I’m ready to go. Well, almost. I could be out of here in ten minutes, though.

I heard vague, disturbing news that I can neither tell about, ask about, or find out any more details about on my own. So I am ready to get on a @#$%ing boat before I do something stupid. Very frustrating.

Moo is a real hoot, by the way. Especially for a secretary in a university.

Picked some dried bean pods off the Jacob’s Cattle and Borlotti beans. The rabbits now have moved on to them so I guess that they and the few Black Valentines will be gone by the end of the weekend.

Paper is being pressed. I hope that it will motivate me to bind a book before I go.

Hip update: I have hardly thought about it all day. No pain at all. And that makes me happy.