I’m basking in the glow that is Craven Williams AND Sarah Palin quitting their jobs and doing everyone involved a huge favor. And it is not even NEAR my birthday. So good of the universe to do this as a gift to me.

Cat came by the house to get the key and instructions for kitty care. She is quitting her job too – going to Tucson, Arizona and living/working on a sustainable farm until she finds a job out there. How nice it must be to have the courage and confidence to move out of your place, sell most of your stuff, and hit the road. She has been house-sitting and pet-sitting around here since May and found her new gig with www.caretakers.org. Looks interesting, but I wouldn’t give up my job. And I like where I’m at, as long as I get to travel a lot.

It is one of my favorite premises for novels: woman decides she needs a change, and surprises everyone by disappearing and doing her own thang, at least for a while. Guess that’s why I was so into Anne Tyler and Elizabeth Berg for a while.

Hip update: MUCH BETTER! On prednisone now. The pharmacist advised me that I could take all the pills in the morning instead of spacing them out all day, and I’d be able to sleep better that way. I took the stairs several times today – I hope to get at least a little of my stamina back before the trip.

The weather updates are helping me with what to expect. It has been 20 or more degrees hotter in Alaska that in Vancouver. I wouldn’t have guessed that. When I went to San Francisco, they were having an unusual heat wave too. It would be great if the highs settled into the 60s-70s.

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