Because I’m such a weather junkie, I added Weather Underground banners for the places on our trip on the sidebar. It is 86 degrees in Skagway, Alaska right now! Can’t wait to tell the mailman, who hates the cold and can’t believe I’m going to Alaska.

No Sarah Palin jokes, please. Unless they are really funny. Or dirty. Oh hell, bring ‘em on. I hope that Sandy and I can find a Sarah Palin cutout to take our pictures in front of. We have a photo of us and Ronald Reagan.

Yesterday I had a huge zucchini to deal with, so I scooped out the pithy, seedy part and shredded the rest to use in zucchini bread. Actually, the shredded zucchini was sweet and tasty raw. I was surprised because it was so big. I had a few other normal sized ones that I sauted slices with onions, garlic, and basil, all grown by either my mother or myself. I’m going to call that my Eat Local Challenge dish of the week, since I have been pretty lax about cooking in general. Sandy admitted that he liked it!

Hip update: Starting the prednisone tomorrow, because the prescription had to be clarified. Why can’t doctors write clearly? Is it like a secret society thing? Hip better, not perfect. Feels like a good day before the injection.

Book update: Finished The Sheltering Sky, began Moo.

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