Back Forty

Back Forty update

As you can see, the Back "Forty" is about 40 x 40 feet, not acres.

In the foreground, lemon thyme, violetto artichoke, and assorted beans. The round flowers are leeks. In the middle, heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, beans, field peas, and a fig tree.

The rabbits’ dinner table is over here. That’s my studio hiding behind the redbud tree and the red Nanking cherry bush. There are lots of flowers, parsley, tendergreens for Miss Jazz and Miss Lucy’s salads, sorrel, and Tuscan kale over here. There used to be Borlotti beans too, but…turns out rabbits love Borlotti bean leaves. The big flowering plant in the front? A parsnip planted two years ago and left alone.

This butterbean trellis is made from old tobacco barn sticks. Tobacco used to be tied to sticks that hung in a barn to be cured. Farm children had a great time building “houses” with tobacco sticks.

I grow everything together! Echinacea in front of flowering leeks, tomatoes, and butterbeans.

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