Back Forty

The rabbits are methodically eating my bean plants, one by one, south to north. I just planted some more toscanelli beans on the other end of their projected path. Then I guess I’ll start over on the south side again. Must keep the Critter happy.

Pruned back the white Nanking cherry bush heavily in order to make some sunny room for fall crops in that bed. Or I might replant the okra that didn’t make it earlier this year. I’ll look through my seed box tomorrow.

I have a few butterbeans! Thank goodness the rabbits began on the other side of the Back Forty.

This morning I pulled 9×12 sheets of recycled light blue paper from old spiral student handbooks. I kept several of these mostly intact for collaged journals and ripped out about half of the paper to make room for the extra bulk of the collaged pages. I’m nearly finished with the first one I began in May 2008, and it has been a pleasurable learning experience about glues, paints, inks, and stickiness.

I took a nap in the chair in the gazebo without realizing it and Sandy scared the crap out of me when he woke me to go downtown to Fun Fourth. As usual, I didn’t find Fun Fourth to be all that fun. But I bought two ammonites and a crystal cluster for $3.

We had a drink at Cafe Europa and I puttered in the garden some more and have read about half of The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles. The Keith Smith book is excellent. I am savoring the artiness of it.

Hip update: Much better, almost no pain.

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