This was one of the prettiest days I’ve ever experienced in summer. Low humidity, high in the 80s, nice breezes.

I slept until 9 am and spent the morning in the garden and the gazebo. I didn’t do a whole lot of work because

Hip status: a little worse than yesterday.


I did manage to get the laundry done and the bathtub and curtains scrubbed. Sandy crawled under the house and dug holes and poured cement for the joist repairs under the bathroom, coming later this summer with the help of a friend.

I received my cheapo grid and screen to replace the wonky expensive mould I bought and I think that it will work just fine. However, I didn’t want to aggravate my hip by standing in one spot for an hour making paper. I hope to do it tomorrow, since I feel better tonight despite

Walking around downtown for First Friday. Sandy seldom gets a Friday night off unless we have plans to go out of town, and it just happened to be First Friday, when the galleries open late. We ate on the patio at Natty Greene’s, then strolled around South Elm. It was an extremely pleasant evening.

Why I don’t support the Organic Trade Association, boycott Dean Foods, and eat mostly unprocessed foods. The argument that maintaining strong organic standards will result in fewer organic products is illogical if the resulting food ISN’T ORGANIC. People should be allowed to know what they are paying for.

Via Donna Myers on Facebook:

Federal ‘organic’ label’s integrity under fire
Consumers who pay up to twice as much don’t always get what they expect

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