Just woke up from an after-work nap. Now I’m sitting in the gazebo with an electric fan blowing on me, enjoying the fireflies that just began their show.

My weekend started at 4 pm today – “worked” through lunch, if you can call most of what I did today work. I did get some files cleaned out, which provided me with some colored paper to recycle into handmade paper this weekend.

Also found some nice copies of a woodcut of a medieval weaver in the recycle bin in the copier room. I’m tellin’ ya, trashpicking pays off. I get Tyvek envelopes, packing material and cancelled stamps that way too.

I am being lazy indeed, except for laundry, taking out the trash, and pulling a few weeds.

Hip status: a little worse than yesterday, which was a little worse than the day before. So I’m listening.

Sandy just informed me that he has tomorrow off. He is the only person I ever met that never knows what holidays he has off or how many sick and vacation days he gets a year. And it is not because he is not informed.

I love my job but I treasure my time away from it. In a choice between more money and more time I will always pick time. Of course, I can because I make enough money to get by, unlike days of yore.

My mind is more and more consumed by my upcoming cruise, which is nine days away.

I made a collage in my journal about Terrilynn and that made me feel better. It’s nice that I can bring up all of her comments with my blogging software, but I’m sorry that I didn’t save our emails to each other.

Now I have to figure out what to do with my dear husband for three days that won’t be too hard on my hip. We’ll probably go downtown on Saturday.

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