Okay, I just saw what really happened to Terri-Lynn.

She curls her toes in the sand, as Dr. Reynaldo Bellissimo, the hot young physician who cured her completely of cancer and whisked her and Liam away to this island paradise, rubs lotion on her back. She sighs with pleasure as Sven, the cabana boy, refreshes her margarita and hands her the latest Janet Evanovich novel that just came in on the boat. He’ll be back in about an hour for her pedicure and foot massage.

Liam runs up to her and hands her a shell that he found while windsurfing in the lagoon with his new Polynesian friends. They look up to him as the leader of their group because he is so very cool. Jiana, the prettiest of the girls, adores him.

The only thing that Terri-Lynn regrets is that she can’t contact us and that they don’t grow those speckled butterbeans in the South Seas that she liked in North Carolina.

I wish you well, my friend.