I don’t know if it was the steroid shot or just the fact that my inflammation was reduced for the first time in ten months but boy, was I energetic and happy last night and this morning. I still am, to a more normal degree, but I overdid it a bit so tonight I’m going to veg out with a book. This morning I was creating poetry about resurrection on my walk to work. Of course, it’s all gone now.

I did some shopping last night, and I use any excuse to go to Ed McKay’s. Last night I bought a copy of The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn, a book that has been on my wish list for a while (it’s the best book I’ve seen on the subject yet, I think), and a biography of Walker Evans, one of the photographers I studied about in my course. And a bunch of freebies, some to alter and some to read. Like a couple of Walter Mosley mysteries, and Moo by Jane Smiley. Score! I’d link to these, but since Amazon is not inclined to do business with me any more, y’all can search for them your own selves.

I canceled my business license with NC a year ago since I hadn’t had any sales in a while and I kept having to pay fines for not reporting my quarterly sales of $0. I figured that if I am going to make a bunch of books for sale, and since there seems to be an Internet sales tax coming somehow for NC, I’d better get another one. It is easy as pie to do these days. You can do it online, it’s free, and some businesses will sell to you wholesale if you have one.

I am not a businessperson. Or a money person in any way. I am an ignoramous when it comes to money. I don’t do my taxes. We get audited fairly often. I live within my means and I pay off my credit cards every month. I get by.

I did not eat breakfast or dinner yesterday and I was not hungry last night or this morning. Maybe steroid shots are the way to go for weight loss. Kidding, of course.

My new clothes came from Deva! I bought a pair of pants and two shirts. The fabric is naturally crinkled so they will travel well. When I took them out to try them on, they immediately attracted every cat hair in the room. I hemmed the pants in the studio with Stitch Witchery, brushed off as much hair as I could, and immediately packed them for the trip, so I hope to have at least one nice outfit without cat hair on it.

I also have two other packages on the way that I’m excited about. One is a larger mould and deckle (of sorts) so I hope to make larger sheets of paper beginning this weekend.

The other is another book that I’ve been wanting: Keith Smith’s Non-Adhesive Binding Volume I. I know how envious you must be, but try to rise above it, okay? You can look at it if you come to my studio and wear gloves. This series is self-published and it is supposed to be one of those things that any serious bookbinder should study. Since I don’t really have a teacher and UNCG doesn’t offer the kind of instruction that I want, I figure that I can work through the Keith Smith books.

Okay, I’m going to go be lazy now.

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