Holy cow, I kinda hate to complain because I know a lot of people who deal with a lot worse read this blog, but that steroid shot in the hip was a real muhthah. I had myself convinced that it might be a little worse than a normal shot in the hip because of a pep talk that my department head gave me about his shots in his knee. Boy, was I wrong. The doctor said it hurt so bad because it was so inflamed, and that I did good because sometimes they have to hold people down!

I had to stay in the office a while because I have a history of passing out after shots, and with this one I was nauseated and every time I tried to sit up I went right back down. At least I didn’t have a panic attack, because I sure felt like one was imminent. That would’ve been frosting on the cake for sure. I hate a panic attack worse than any pain.

So, I tried to go back to work, but kept feeling worse, and finally Dawn drove me home where I’ve been laying on the bed bored out of my skull. I wish I had a great book to read but I’m grateful for the laptop.

I hope that I don’t have to have another shot. He said that the next one wouldn’t be as bad, but I’m not sure I believe him! Maybe this one will take care of it. I have to take a course of oral prednisone starting next week.

The good news is that the hip joint itself is structurally fine. It’s those damned useless little bursa sacs that have been causing all the trouble since last September.

Anyway, once I get healed up, I’m gonna show all y’all how to get down. I’ll practice up on my moonwalk.

By this time less than two weeks from now, I’ll be on a cruise ship off the British Columbian coast, hopefully in a hot tub with a Captain Morgan drink of some kind in my hand, watching the sun go down.

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