Slept a good part of the day. Sometimes it’s as if I just have to stop and recharge my battery.

I’ve almost finished making a book. I’ll try to get a good photo tomorrow. The binding is very simple, but it is wildly and beautifully painted. I’m going to tie some beads to it and it will be done.

I’m heavily influenced right now by the hydrangea, echinacea, alliums, bees, and fireflies in the Back Forty.

I think that the bird that sang so loudly in the very back was a ruby-crowned kinglet instead of a Carolina wren. I looked up a photo of a Carolina wren and it did not match at all. I haven’t heard it lately, so they may have moved on or I might not be attuned to it, since my attention is more on avoiding bugs.

I’m no longer an Amazon affiliate- they cut off all of us in North Carolina because they don’t like a tax law that is expected to pass. It pisses me off a little, since I’ve been one for ten years. But I wasn’t making any money at it; it was just a fun little bookseller fantasy.

I made an A+ in my class. My first A+ ever, since they didn’t give them when I was last an undergraduate, and quite frankly I probably wouldn’t have tried hard enough to get one back then anyway.

Feeling pretty impatient for these tomatoes to speed up and give me that mater goodness. I’m spoiled when it comes to tomatoes.

You may have noticed that I’m posting every day. I’m trying a different idea – posting in Facebook kind of snippets and really trying to write something about my day every day, even if it is just that the weather is hot.

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