The first cassette tape I ever bought for myself was the Jackson 5, I guess around 1970-71. My mother wasn’t very happy, but it was my allowance money.

I loved Michael Jackson, and I think that he was a truly great artist. My heart twisted with every new photo of him and every ugly news story that cropped up from the late 80s on.

But I never thought that I’d feel this sad.

Every girl wanted hair (and body) like Farrah Fawcett.

Not a good day for 70s icons.

Paper drying in the gazebo.

I don’t think that I’ll work in the studio any more tonight. Will bury myself in a book.

Baked unlocal organic chicken breasts with Annie’s Baja lime marinade, local organic salad, and cantaloupe. Not local or organic but cool and refreshing.

Hip hurts. I’ll go to an orthopedic surgeon on Monday morning. Hopeful about a steroid shot to end this misery.