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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I guess this is what happens if you make it to your fifth year of blogging – you start feeling like you’ve said everything before. That’s the way I feel about the subject of food, pretty much.

But, since I’ve run off most of my readers and most of my hits come from Google searches, here goes.

In the Back Forty I am harvesting green beans and new Yukon Gold potatoes. I don’t buy seed potatoes. I cut up potatoes that have sprouted and plant the sections. Maybe I’d get a better harvest if I planted seed potatoes? Does anyone have any words of wisdom about this?

I would have spring onions if I dug them up but this time of year Vidalia onions are in season and I am truly in love with Vidalias. So I’ve let my onions and leeks go to flower. They’re pretty in the garden and make good pollinators. They also reseed themselves and I transplant them for a new crop for harvest in winter.

I didn’t plant squash this year since I wanted to dedicate most of my space to beans, field peas, and tomatoes. I don’t have a lot of luck with squash but other people do, so I tend to get a lot for free or can buy them cheap. This weekend I’ll make a squash casserole, and it will all be for me since my husband has a psychological aversion to squash. Summer squash and sweet onions is a great combination. When I freeze squash, I include Vidalias with it.

When we were at Lake Waccamaw, we went to Dale’s a couple of times for lunch. Dale’s speciality is Calabash-style seafood, like most places in Southeastern N.C., but we were mainly there because of the fried summer squash. They deep fry thin slices and they are sweet and delicious. I have overdosed on fried squash before – seriously. When I cook it for myself I totally overeat it and get sick. I just dip very thin slices in a mixture of flour, salt, and pepper and saute it in oil in a skillet. They are really yummy if you can get them crispy like chips without burning them.

It is really hot and steamy here after the deluges of rain this month. Today the forecast is for 95. Miserable. We turned on the A.C. Thursday night for the first time. We always wait as long as I can stand it. One year we made it to July 12. That’s my goal.

Miss Jazz is making me crazy. She gets in the litterbox, and then sticks her butt over the side. Where is the logic, I ask her, but she just whines to be petted. And she is shedding like you wouldn’t believe. Throwing up hairballs. I can barely keep up with it. Today I started brushing her and now she won’t leave me alone. Her head is resting on my left hand right now. Makes it kinda hard to type.

I had a meltdown about the trip to Alaska this week when I noticed that there is only a 45 minute layover in our flight schedule before the last flight that will get us to the cruise ship on time. Totally lost my temper with the customer service supervisor and nothing was resolved. They wouldn’t change it to an earlier flight gratis. It would cost over $100 for us to change it, plus we’d have to rent a hotel room or spend the night in the airport. So I’ve been trying to breathe and let it go. I get crazy before any big trip so giving me a reason to lose my mind is just plain cruel.

I gleaned a lot of quality paper from the printing studio trashcans at the end of the semester, and I’ve been putting together text blocks for several sizes of books. Plus mining the free shelf at Ed McKay’s as usual. What I’m noticing is that I get these cool books that I plan to pull apart and find that I’m extremely reluctant to do so. So I’m trying to pick some books that I have no interest in other than the size and quality of the cover. I’ve covered a lot of them with crumpled tissue or other paper to give them texture, and yesterday I painted. I think that I’ll start binding some books today.

My neighbor across the street is an abstract painter and has a nice studio. I asked him if he’d be interested in having a home show together before Christmas. I think that our work would combine nicely. He reacted positively so that gives me something to work toward.

Okay, coffee pot is empty. Time to get moving and get to the farmer’s market before it is too hot to stand it!

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