Haircut, etc.

I got a short hair cut. Boy do I feel better. Now I’m thinking about coloring it. I bought some henna and JQ offered to help me color it at the lake this weekend. When I was at Leon’s Beauty School, I had barely enough to donate to Locks of Love this time, and the instructor said that I could send it to them anyway and maybe they’d take it, or I could donate it to the school. I donated it to the school, and she is excited to get some “virgin” hair to do color samples on. Her class will color my hair swatch with lots of different colors and I get to see how my hair takes each color. So I might get them to color it instead, as long as they can do it without super harsh chemicals.

I don’t care about grey hair (I have very little so far, unlike my brother and sister!) but I’m feeling fat and frumpy. I figure that I can’t do a whole lot about my weight so I’ll go fat and funky. We’ll see. The best of all possible worlds for me would be if I could totally change my wardrobe and dye my hair purple and spike it but not leave the house.

Let’s see, what updates do I have. We left a bucket on the deck during last week’s torrential rainstorm and I measured nine inches when it was all over with, but we were lucky and had very little water in the basement. We bought a wet vac and that took care of it. Some condos in the neighborhood flooded so badly that they were condemned, and we’re not even in a flood zone, so nobody has flood insurance.

I planted some more Roma tomatoes and a Sungold, bought from Pat and Brian. Also lots more beans and field peas and sunflowers. The Nanking cherries and sweet peas are done.

I’ve been coming home and going straight to the studio, where I’ve been painting and covering old book covers with texture in preparation for binding them. I’ve also made paper about once a week. Last week I made a particularly nice brown batch in which I included basil blossoms. It gave the paper a nice smell. Right now I have an assortment of blue scraps of paper soaking in hopes of decent weather tomorrow so that I can make paper in the gazebo or on the front porch. A friend from work helped me cut some scrap wood to make a bookbinding sewing cradle. I used one of these at the Art & Soul classes. It makes punching the holes in the signatures much easier and more precise.

I’m doing well in the History of Photography class, and the professor is wonderful, but I’m ready for it to be over. Every time I take a summer class, I remember that I don’t enjoy having too much of a good thing compressed into five weeks of classes.

This weekend we’re heading to Lake Waccamaw, and I’m looking forward to kicking back sitting in a lawn chair in the water under the bald cypress tree with a novel and a beer or two or three!

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