Last night we had 4.5 inches of rain in the space of a few hours. I have never seen that much water in the Back Forty. There were streams of water running down the pathways and when the storm finally lessened there was a lot of standing water. This morning I found that most of the mulch on the paths had washed down to the side of the house. I hate to see what the basement might look like, but we might as well wait until Saturday to go down there because it’s raining again and will continue to rain through tomorrow, so they say.

This is not generally a problem here. Drought is usually our problem, with flooding in the river basins during tropical storms and hurricanes.

Anyway, since my neighbor ended up with a tree on his car, I guess I should count my blessings and hope for the best over the next 24 hours. It’s weird to see so much rain at once – you can even see that it flowed over some of my raised beds.

The birds loved it though. And the plants, although a bit beaten down, seem to be okay.

I think that maybe this is going to be one of those difficult gardening years. I’ve learned to expect them and take them in stride, pretty much. Maybe it is the life experience of being a farmer’s daughter.

I remember the year that my daddy was sick. All the crops on the farms around our farm were brown and dead from lack of rain. But our farm got so much rain that the seeds and plants washed in gullies out of the fields and there was even a small tornado. That year my brother had a newborn son who was colicky all the time for the first year and their main employee who oversaw the tobacco crop was critically injured in a combine accident. It was the first and only time that my father ever asked me to work in tobacco. It wasn’t bad because it was just taking out a barn. But that year was so weird because it was like one strange disaster piled upon another.

I expect an occasional flood down east, but not here in my neighborhood.

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