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Saturday morning coffee pot post

My god, I’ve used this title so many times now that my blogging software auto-fills it.

It’s sunny, 72 degrees with a light breeze at 8:26 a.m. in Greensboro, North Carolina. The moon is new. I have high hopes for this day.

Since I spent our real anniversary watching my great-nephew play with a new friend (yay! “This has been the best day EVER!”) at Lake Waccamaw, Sandy and I decided to make today our 22nd anniversary. This morning, he will sleep as usual, while I do my solitary stuff. I love weekend mornings. It’s surprising to me that I became such a morning person. I’m not one of those who gets up super early, but since I quit smoking 14 years ago, I don’t feel the need to sleep very late.

This morning I plan to go to the farmers’ market for the first time in weeks. I’ve been gone several weekends in the past several weeks and the weekends that I’ve been home it seems like I was either sick with allergies or I just didn’t have the extra money to spend. I still don’t have the extra money since I’m saving as much as I can for the Alaskan cruise, but I’ll try to just buy milk, beef, and chicken, if there is any. Ooh, and strawberries! Definitely strawberries.

Tonight Sandy and I are going to Riva’s Trattoria for dinner and then to see the new Star Trek movie. I told him that I needed some extra TLC this weekend so I hope that a long backrub is in his plans. He’s really good at that and he thought seriously about going to massage therapy school for a while.

As for myself, I have three main goals to accomplish this weekend.

1. Skirt and wash the two fleeces that Beverly generously gave me over a year ago. I have a friend who is going to help me card the wool next weekend, and then I will probably send it to a spinning mill to be spun into yarn for tapestry. My tendonitis prevents me from making the repetitive motion that spinning requires. I admire and envy spinners.

2. Plant the rest of my seeds. I lost all the Loudermilk lima beans, probably to the Critter, who I came face-to-face with the other day. But when I went to Pearce and Co. general store in Hallsboro, they had some black and white speckled beans that looked just like them, except they called them Florida pole beans. So I bought a few of them. I also have some sunflower seeds that CFSA sent me.

3. Clean out the refrigerator. Really, I have waited 100 times too long to do this. It is unbearable.

I also need to go on a shopping trip to Lowes’ or similar place because I finally burnt out the weed whacker, and I need some more mulch for the beds and the paths. I can do that on a weeknight if I don’t get to it, though. We have a reel push mower but it needs to be sharpened and some of the weedier places need more power.

I made paper last night from scraps that I have gleaned from the trash in the printing studio at school. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but the printmakers have to use expensive, quality paper for their projects and they trim their papers in there. I even retrieved some pieces big enough to make pages for my small books. Making paper in my sanctuary is a calming, cool experience on a warm evening.

I have become more attuned to the birds in the Back Forty since Mama Kitty and Miss Peanut died. There are some Carolina wrens that live near the gazebo that blow my mind. I watched a mama robin raise her babies over the rain barrel on the deck. A crazy mockingbird has taken up residence in the shed. Dove babies have flown up in my face, startling us all. The young cardinals chase each other and are nearly grown now. I love the sparrows that hop around in the brushy areas and along the fence with all the vines.

My vegetable growing success has definitely been spotty. I guess not being focused on gardening I have missed a lot. It’s been rainier than usual, and I think that the raccoons who ate the slugs have moved on, intentionally or not. I haven’t used Reemay and soda bottle covers like I have every year. I need to remember to put bottles over the young okra seedlings as they come up this weekend. The tomatoes, well, I don’t know where I went wrong with them. We’ve salvaged a few that seem very healthy, and several more that are struggling but will probably make it. Then there are the volunteers, who I love the most anyway.

I’ve been picking the red Nanking cherries and eating them for snacks. Now I’ve learned to wait until they are a very deep red to get the best flavor. There are enough that the birds don’t get them all, and they grow close to the branches where most of them are hidden.

Okay, the coffee is gone and I’d better get on with my day while it is still cool and lovely.

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