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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I really should be packing, or making paper, or both. I have plenty of time, because I made plans to meet my Hampton roomie around 4:30 this afternoon, and it’s about a five hour drive with bathroom stops. Oh yeah, I’m going to Art & Soul today. Tomorrow, I’m taking “Revival: Restoration to a Visual Life; An Awakening,” which, in all honesty, I’d never take just looking at the title, but I’ve taken a short class from Traci Bunkers and she is more fun than the title implies. Basically it is about techniques in altering old books.

I’m considering taking a walk on the nearby beach on Sunday evening.

Monday, I’m taking “Longstitch Variations” from Chrissie Hines. This looks like it will be covered in Traci’s class too, so it will be interesting to compare the two instructor’s bookbinding techniques. Then I’m driving back Monday night. Not looking forward to driving in that area’s rush hour, having experienced it before, but at least today’s traffic should be better.

Anyway, I have some paper soaking that I need to at least blend into some pulp and refrigerate before I go, otherwise it will ferment by the time I get back. And I need to spend some time just listening to the birds on the deck. And get my portfolio ready to turn in on Tuesday morning for my woodcut class, since I just now realized that this will be my only chance to do it! Uh-oh.

Oh well, this is all fine. I’m just grateful that this week, during which I have been headachy, sleep-deprived, and extremely irritable, is over, and that I managed not to get a sinus infection before the retreat!

Better go now!

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