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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I did something last night that I don’t do very often – I went out for drinks with a friend. It was fun and we decided to do it the first Friday night of each month. We started at the Rhino, where a scuzzy old coot decided that he might have a chance at hitting on me, and quickly moved to McCoul’s, where I’ve always enjoyed the upstairs bar, and they have really good beers. I had my first Irish Car Bomb, which is Guinness and Irish whiskey with a shot (glass and all) of Bailey’s dropped into it. Then you have to drink it all down at once. Whew. I didn’t really understand that when I ordered it, but it wasn’t too hard. Anyway, since all this happened between 5-7 pm I was hungover by midnight.

As far as my “manifesto” goes (I like that term better, thanks Lauren), I’ve been looking at travel deals on Orbitz, and discovered that round trip fares to San Francisco are dirt cheap right now. Sandy and I are talking about flying out there and spending a week together. We would have fun – Sandy and I are at our best when we travel because we enjoy mostly the same activities. I’m still looking at other options. We got back over a thousand dollars from the refinancing closing so it is in my money market account, earmarked for travel.

I also discovered that by honestly giving myself permission to let the housework go without guilt, I actually have wanted to do some clean up. The house is still trashed, but it’s not a source of stress.

Probably the biggest thing that happened, although it had been coming for some time, is that I totally quit the board of our Slow Food chapter. I took my email address off all the leadership emails and listserv admins (except Slow Food NC, which pretty much runs itself and I’m a back up admin anyway). I let the leader know when the web site account was paid up to, so that they can plan to move it or have me transfer the account. I no longer have any responsibility at all on that front. It had to happen that way for me to let it go and let them run it the way they want to do it. And it was the right thing to do because I feel SO MUCH BETTER.

The trip to Spannocchia with Susanne and John will probably be moved to June of next year, a much easier time for me to take off. If that doesn’t happen, Anne-Marie wants me to go with her and her nutrition students to another farm in Tuscany. I have a separate fund that I’m saving money for either of these trips. I just hope that the flights stay cheap to Italy.

This morning Sandy and his friend are going to crawl under the house and see what can be done about the sinking foundation and all the crap underneath the bathroom that stopped the last carpenter from finishing the job of supporting it.

I’m going to enjoy the Back Forty, do a little more planting, fertilizing, weeding, and mulching, and work on color studies for my woodcut class. At some point, if I feel like it, I’m going to clean the floors. Or weave. Those two things have equal importance to me these days.

And go to Deep Roots Market. Today is Owner’s Day, which means I get 10% off anything that isn’t on sale. I get a 5% discount once a month on everything, so I’ll use that too and stock up on some things.

Right now it’s time to go to Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend.

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