Back Forty

Back Forty update

We’ve had lots of rain over the past few weeks. In between the periods of rain I’ve transplanted volunteer foxgloves into beds that aren’t as sunny, one beside Miss Peanut and several under the oak tree. I look forward to them blooming this year because they have become one of my favorite flowers.

Also I mulched a new path and lined it with the few logs left over from this winter’s pile.

All the lettuce except for the Red Sails under one of the cages disappeared. Likewise all the chard and some of the broccoli and some of the kale. Obviously I need to protect these seedlings and usually I do. I didn’t do my tunnels or greenhouse this winter because of my physical problems, and I threw out the ripped up dirty Agribon fabric in a cleaning fit and didn’t buy more. Lesson learned.

This weekend should be lovely weather and I’ll try to remember to fertilize and mulch with my compost. And plant carrots, lettuce, golden chard, and parsley. More peas.

My pepper seeds are just now coming up. I was just about to give up.

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