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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I hope that this won’t be a wasted day. I developed a migraine last night and I’m just now getting up. I drank my first little pot of coffee and I’m beginning a second. I’m afraid that this will come in clusters, as they do occasionally.

So the computer is probably not the best place for me. I did have very creative dreams once I got to sleep this morning. I’ll have some lunch and go out to the studio to weave and I have some ideas for mica-covered books to sell, if I can ever get this store up and running. I’m pretty frustrated at this point and almost out of patience, because I can’t stand being ignored. If you can’t solve a problem right away, you should at least acknowledge receipt of the message.

I talked one of my many friends named Deb last night, and we discussed Slow Food and going back to Spannocchia next year. I think that she will go with Susanne’s trip. It’s hard to choose because I have two friends going back to Tuscany next year and both would be fun to go with, but I’m sure I’d go with Susanne if Deb will go with me. We talked about collaborating on a book – her watercolors and poetry and calligraphy and my binding. It made me feel very hopeful that the trip might happen.

Miss Jazz is having all kind of hissy fits for attention and making it hard to blog, so I guess that means it’s time to get on with my day.

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