Rainy Friday night

All alone, boo hoo hoo.

Actually I love being all alone. I’m a solitary kind of gal, especially since I became my own best friend. I get to hang out with Sandy on Saturday and Sunday, and that’s good because by the time I get to the end of the week I miss him.

Right now I’m frustrated because I decided to open an online store, not on Etsy, that I’ve paid for and the admins over there are either not getting my emails or are having trouble figuring out why my store is disabled and not responding. I’m irritated because tonight is the perfect night for me to concentrate on it and get it set up, photos uploaded, all that stuff. After tonight, I’ll be really busy again.

I have an Etsy store set up, but I’ve never listed anything and thought that this looked like a good deal. If it isn’t straightened out soon, I guess I’ll ask for my money back and go with Etsy. I want to sell my beaded jewelry from my pre-bifocal days and scarves and books and whatnot to try to make my hobbies somewhat pay for themselves, if possible.

I’ll let you know what happens either way. It’s been fun looking through these artist Ning sites; another addictive Internet thing to distract me from real life!

By the way, if you’ve heard about my place of employment laying off lots of folks, the news is a bit overblown. Don’t worry about me, we heard that staff in our department were safe. For next year, at least!

Guess I’ll go do something constructive now.

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