After work today, I planted broccoli seedings – De Ciccio and a mix that I bought from Fedco that is supposed to produce heads at different times. Also I put in the ruby chard and half of the golden chard seedlings, and black seeded Simpson and buttercrunch lettuce seedlings. Peas and potatoes are beginning to come up. The greens under the maple tree are doing okay but the kale under the oak tree not so much. I think that it is much drier in the back, so I gave everything a good soaking before our next rain is expected on Wednesday night and Thursday.

I spent a good part of yesterday on general clean-up and mulching. I think that I’m going to cut back the rosemary severely and dig up a bunch of flowers that are a little too gung-ho as well. I need to fertilize with compost and bloodmeal too.

This is my favorite time of year. I’m tired, but it is such a good tired, and my hip is healing.