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Back Forty update

Today has been very pleasantly busy. It’s not often that I don’t turn on the computer until late afternoon!

It began early this morning when I picked up the Fabulous Zha K on our way to Carrboro (siamese twin sister city of Chapel Hill) to buy some compost bins at a fabulously low price. I believe that it was arranged by the municipality of Carrboro, and the sale was out of a big truck in a Park and Ride lot. They ordered 1000 and sold them for $40 each, with optional turners and kitchen bins. From the line we were in I bet that they sold them all.

Anyway, when we got there, I called my sister on my rarely used cell phone to let her know about it. She and her husband were nearby in her car, and she didn’t want a bin but we all went to breakfast and then to a small farmer’s market in a Walmart shopping center outside of Hillsborough. It was nice for one reason because I’ve told Lisa and Tim all about ZK and vice versa, so they finally got to meet my fabulous friend, and she got to meet a terrific sister and brother-in-law.

The farmer’s market was small but very high quality. I think that it was their first time setting up in this new location on Hwy 86 near I-85. There were several meat and poultry farmers, all pastured/free-range and/or organic, a great cheesemaker, several bakers, herbal folks and other craftspeople. I bought pork chops from Caswell County Organics, and I didn’t get the names of the other vendors, unfortunately. The cheese was named Durham Blu and was a Italian Taleggio style cheese that had sharpened a bit from her normal cheese. I bought some whole wheat/rye sourdough bread and a bar of goat milk soap, tasted samples, and petted a chicken. That’s right. I petted a CHICKEN. There were witnesses.

I came home to re-sign all the refinancing paperwork again, which would have irritated the snot out of me except that they offered to give us $200 back to make up for the inconvenience of signing my name for 30 minutes in my own home. That was worth it.

Then I set up the composting bin and shoveled about half of my pile into it. The bottom half of the pile looks like it’s ready to put out in the garden beds. So if you are one of my friends that donates scraps to my compost pile, please put it in the black plastic bin from now on.

Thanks to a very generous and kind reader, I now have some solar lighting in the Back Forty! I have four staked lights to mark the path to the studio door, and a string of white Christmas lights that I’m going to hang around the gazebo. This is something that I’ve been wanting for some time, so thank you very much, Meadowlark!

The seckel pear tree is flowering for the first time. The Korean Giant asian pear appears to be dead. This was not a big surprise because I knew that I didn’t water it enough during the drought. Fortunately, I found that seckel pears are self-pollinating. The cherry bushes and the Yoshina ornamental cherries are blooming too. Most of the greens are still alive, and asparagus spears are beginning to emerge. Can’t harvest those until next spring. It will be hard to wait! Violetto artichokes are coming back too.

It’s been a very good week. I’m very happy right now.

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