House dreams

I know that houses in dreams represent your life as a whole. I dream about houses a LOT, and there are particular dream houses I return to often. I can ferret out some meanings – for instance, I no longer dream about my grandfather’s house, but I used to find all kinds of little secret rooms and stairways, and often the stairs went up to higher floors that were dangerous and falling apart. That was when I was struggling a lot with panic disorder and worried about going crazy.

Lately I find it curious that the houses in my dreams are nothing like what I would pick in real life to live in, yet I am usually thrilled with them. Last night’s house toggled between being a house and a condo, but it was in a planned community with a clubhouse and lots of neighbors being very sociable. It was new, one story, with a porch all around and full of light. Everything was the color of sunshine, and the yard had lots of garden beds which were going to require some work because the soil was sandy, a lot like down east.

But there were troubling parts – the house had lots and lots of outside doors, and I was trying to keep out an old boyfriend who stalked me earlier in my life, and in a very stupid moment I had given him a key. So I spent a lot of time running around, locking and unlocking doors, worrying about how to keep him out and how to let in my new boyfriend and the neighbors who I wanted to be friends with.

That says a whole lot about where I’m at these days.

Do you dream about houses? Can you share one?

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