Back Forty

Back Forty update

Monday, I planted lots of Tuscan kale seedlings outside next to the oak tree. I put down some cardboard over the @#$%&$ ground ivy patch, and did a fair amount of weeding.

Tuesday, I recovered.

Today, I planted the rest of the Tuscan kale seedlings, tatsoi seedlings, mild mustard mix seedlings, and Red Sails lettuce seedlings.

Yes, I know that freezing rain is predicted for Friday morning. I have a tarp and clear plastic that I’ll throw over them Thursday night if I have to. Most of the weather for the next several days calls for lots of chilly rain, but the lows don’t drop below freezing. If I’ve screwed up, it won’t be the first time.

While I was adjusting the hose nozzle, I flushed out a nearby rabbit that was watching me from the bushes. A spy? Or the Critter himself? I must be on my guard always now that Mama Kitty is not here to protect us.

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