Back Forty

Back Forty update

Pussy willow is budding. Nanking cherry bushes and seckel pear tree too. Garlic chives are up. Rosemary and lemon thyme is taking up too much valuable real estate and will have to be reduced significantly. Daffodils and lenten rose are in bloom. Claytonia never came back.

In the area behind the white nanking cherry, I planted Lincoln peas. I also threw a handful of Dill Bouquet seeds nearby just for fun. In two small separate spots, I planted Sugar Daddy snap peas near the back steps, and Dwarf Grey Sugar snaps near the garlic chives. These sugar snap peas were given to me last year by Stew, but I didn’t have room for them.

I moved the greens seedlings back to the gazebo – I remembered the aphid destruction that happened on the front porch last year just in time. I planted the following in another flat (to go inside when the weather turns cold again):

Tomatoes (all leftover seeds from last year or before):
Amish Paste
San Marzano
Green Zebra
Cherokee Purple
Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter

Peppers (all saved seeds):
Alma Paprika
Hungarian Hot Wax

Eggplants (low expectations, here):
Ping Tung Long
Black Beauty

I did a little digging and weeding with a hoe, and dropped the seed into the planting areas without too much squatting. When I did get down, I definitely felt the consequences. I’m going to figure this thing out – kneeling on my knees will probably work better but the trick is to be mindful of it.

Today I’d like to plant some garlic and more potatoes in the raised beds, and green cotton seeds in containers. The cotton is totally new for me and I’ll have to check the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange catalog to see what to do and expect!

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