Slowly She Turned turns four

Thank you for following my descent into madness journey forward to a simpler, more authentic, fun life.

Recently I was filling out a questionnaire that asked me where I saw myself five years from now. I see myself right here, doing what I’m doing now, except hopefully with more skill and joy. My life ain’t perfect, but I’m pretty content with it. I’m identifying the things that I want to do, and I’m pursuing them. That’s more than a lot of people can say.

Except that I can’t stop thinking about my precious. I wants it, I wants it, give me my precious. Serious, serious envy.

As far as this blog goes, I may not be writing on it as often, but it will probably get bigger page-wise. Once I get past this busy season of work and class, I plan to consolidate jazzcatproductions.com into it. I rarely update jp except to add art links so there’s little point in keeping it out there separately anymore just because I paid for the domain name for so long.

I printed my first edition of woodblock prints yesterday. Hopefully I’ll be able to post one next week (after it’s dry!) Last week was just awful on all fronts. I felt old, I felt crippled, I felt crazy, I felt completely scatter-brained, I felt ugly and frazzled. On Monday, I spent the day in bed. On Tuesday, I let go of the fear and approached my art work with mindfulness and I accomplished a lot. I had to decide to give myself permission to screw up from time to time. That is the hardest thing for me. My first critique is Tuesday and I’m ready. I’m not thrilled about being the old lady in the class but I’d better get used to it. Maybe I’d fit in if I texted on my cell phone under the table the whole class time.

Anyway, there still is a lot of chaos in my house from Sandy’s reflooring project and I have to finish the weaving on my tapestry box bottom to catch up with the students that I’m teaching on Wednesday night. I hope that despite the forecast of dismal weather this weekend that my good mood will continue!

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