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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Strategies, schmategies. :-pppppppp:::::

I didn’t get any extra exercise this week, although I do feel better this morning and might give it a whirl. I don’t know if the cold is an influence on my pain but I’ve been a hurtin’ woman this week. Walking to work and back was about as much as I could take. I did take my fish oil and do my stretching exercises but I ran out of ibuprofen and will start that back up, and probably up the dose, this weekend.

It’s already shaping up for beautiful weather this weekend. I’m going to run a few errands and then meet with a couple of women who have volunteered to take over the web site for Slow Food. Hallelujah! One more thing off my plate.

I still have a lot of art work and building tools that needs to be done this weekend. If I can break myself away from watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD I might actually accomplish something.

I cooked a lot last night – cleaned out the refrigerator by making a pot of soup and a big stir-fry. I put fake chicken in the stir-fry, which is a soy-based local product that I’d tried at a potluck and liked. Well, this was edible because I tarted it up with lots of sauces and spices but I hated the texture. Chopping it up into itty bitty pieces saved the dish but I probably won’t buy it again. Tempeh and tofu are so much better. I think that many times a perfectly good product is ruined by trying to disguise it as alternative meat. Boba House has pretty good fake chicken, but I’d be totally happy if they’d call it what it is.

I really need to get serious about getting my LDL and triglycerides down. I’ve been able to get by because my HDL levels are so high. I don’t want to get in a struggle with my new doctor about taking medication, because I like her. Speaking of which, I’m considering having her take a look at my hip. I have a long unpleasant history with my hip and various doctors which I won’t go into, but it has made me very distrustful of doctors. The chiropractric treatment wasn’t working and I seem to be in alignment. I’m thinking that I should get it Xrayed and if it looks okay maybe try some acupuncture.

Oh well, I didn’t mean to write about my health problems, but that’s first and foremost on my mind these days.

I never started those seeds last weekend, so I think that I’ll do it today or tomorrow. It’s a good outdoor project and I haven’t used the gazebo since it’s gotten so cold.

The main thing I need to do is prepare some drawings for woodcuts to show my professor on Tuesday. I scanned a couple of small paintings and printed them – a purple onion and a turnip!Looks like I might be working on a food theme, but if my hands hold up with the carving, I’m going to do as many prints as I can and take advantage of having the use of the studio. Hopefully that means the Italy photos AND some Back Forty inspired cuts.

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