Groundhog Day

I just love Groundhog Day. It is at the top of my favorite movie list. Bill Murray rocks.

On this Groundhog Day, I went to see a new friend of mine who is going to Duke to be certified as an Integrative Health Coach. She is practicing on Sandy and me (separately) and I hope that working with her will both help her and help me get on and stay on track with exercising and losing weight. The main goal is to heal the tendinitis in my hip, and everything is interrelated, as so much of life is.

Sandy bought me a MP3 player this weekend so that I can listen to audiobooks and podcasts when I walk. Walking is pretty much all the aerobic exercise open to me, as far as what I can handle physically and financially. I could swim, but I hate swimming in chlorine.

I’m going to buy a pedometer and some new walking shoes, and my initial goal is to walk an additional thirty minutes a day, five days a week. Plus remember to stretch and take ibuprofen and vitamins and fish oil twice a day, and to drink lots of water.

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