Friday notes

This is a weekend planning post. If I accomplish half of what I plan on a Friday night, I am generally doing well.

First, at some point I plan to go over to Susanne’s and hang out. Finish the box looms for my tapestry workshop on Wednesday night while I’m there. What she’s doing (printing a book) and what I’m doing (marking and cutting boxes) is repetitive, so we figure that we’ll enjoy it more if we do it together.

I need to do some drawings, really. I don’t know why I’m so reluctant to begin drawing. Once I begin, I get so into it that I lose all track of time. Maybe that’s what scares me away from it.

I’m going to cut a piece of wood and make a benchhook. We were going to do this in class, but it’s so easy that even a screw-up like me should be able to do it with a hacksaw and a hammer. Because I am seriously ready to start doing this, maybe even this weekend on my own.

Related: I need to buy some wood for the cuts; I’m thinking poplar.

Groceries. Major groceries. I got paid for the first time in six weeks. It shouldn’t matter, because it all comes out the same in the end, but for some reason January is hard to get through financially. It is a mental condition more than a physical problem. After this, the bills.

Pleasantries: it would be nice to go out for brunch. Yessssss. And I’d like to start some kale and broccoli and lettuce seeds inside.

Sandy and I have to look over the refinancing paperwork carefully and maybe make some calls next week. After all this partially self-inflicted fubar communication, they sent us a package with the wrong amount for the loan. Gah. Oh well, they can’t close for a month or more anyway, and we’re STILL arguing about it, even though we pretty much agree. Somebody just shoot me. Geez.

As you can probably tell, it has not been a lovely week. It has been stressful but I have enjoyed being really busy at work as long as I was dealing with calm logical people. And it makes me appreciate the weekend so much more.

Oh crap, there’s the mouse (I hope, because any alternative I can think of would scare me) scratching around in the closet again. Lucy is on the job standing guard, but I have no clue if she would know what to do with a mouse since we haven’t had mice since we took her in. I know for a fact that Guido and Miss Jazz are useless. Squirt probably would’ve been a great mouser – I know that Mama Kitty had to teach him because he was a feral kitten outside for the first eight weeks of his life, and she was a mighty huntress. Squirt stalked and caught and presented me with the plastic milk rings from milk jugs in his later years, just as if they were little varmints.

I hate mousetraps. I think that I’ll just tell them to go away.

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